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best free print templates
We have found you the best free print templates from across the web

If you are looking for free print templates then you have come to the right place. The main drawback to using a free print template for commercial work is that many of the most popular print design templates have already been overused by others. So to create a successful design using a print template, you have to dig deep and find something that both looks great and hasn't been seen before. Easier said than done, right. So we've done some the hard work for you.

We have also ranked the providers by stars to give you an idea of both how good we rate the quality of their templates, the ease of use of the website, range of print templates available, design and visual appeal of print templates, ease of download etc.

So here are our top 10 websites for free print templates...


Rating: 3 star free print templates

Pros: Targeted at freelance and other professional designers their templates are to a very high standard.

Cons: StockLayouts offers free and premium graphic design solutions but most are premium templates and the limited choice of free templates available are all of a similar style. There is also no ability to search or filter the free templates.


Rating: 3 star free print templates

Pros: Updated on a daily basis, this page contains some of the best designs from all the major design sites and pages and are curated and arranged, under different categories and subcategories for convenience.

Cons: It is a gateway site so you still have to click through to other websites and look for download links, often having to sign up or submit an email address first to download/access the content you want. It is also easy to wander away from the free stuff into the premium templates and then getting disappointed when you find a great template only to realise you have to pay for it.


Rating: 3 star free print templates

Pros: This website is great for what it does, provide a range of free presentation folder templates for businesses. If you're looking for presentation folder templates, then Company Folders should be your first and last stop. They offer a wide variety of high-quality folder templates available for free download and also have an informative blog including other resources to help you learn everything you need to know about designing for print.

Cons: Unfortunately they don't do any other type of templates, if they did they'd definitely be getting a higher rating.

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Rating: 3 star free print templates

Pros: Looking for business card templates? Your search is over. Not only does this website have a huge collection of templates, but also plenty of inspiration round-ups, tutorials and tips related to business card design. No sign up or login required to download which is great.

Cons: Just like the companyfolders website it is solely focused on one type of templates - business cards. Nothing else available.

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Rating: 4 star free print templates

Pros: is an excellent source of high-quality vector artwork, but the site features an extensive collection of print templates, too.

Cons: However, just like Pixeden (but with less resources), it is a gateway site you still have to click through to other websites and look for download links, often having to sing up or submit an email address first to download/access the content you want.

Rating: 4 star free print templates

Pros: All free designs does exactly what you would think - it provides just free designs. Some are created in house and are available to download directly from the site, others are backlinks to content hosted elsewhere (though still free). Very few ads and no intrusive "sign up now" or premium content links make this a lovely website to use.

Cons: The only downside is that the templates are all mixed in with a wide variety of other design resources and, unlike freepik (discussed below), they are not labelled or categorized well enough to easily find them through the site search.


Rating: 4 star free print templates

Pros: Pixeden has both paid-for and free premium templates, though some of the premium designs are also very affordable if you do have a small budget. If not, the free section, that also continuously updates with new free templates, has got you well covered.

Cons: The free section is really just a long list though and is not categorized so you do have to trawl through it to find what you want. It is a large list with approx 350 free items but it's hardly extensive either. There is a site search but it mixes free and premium items together in results, although there is a nice little pop up on hover feature to say if an item is free or premium.


Rating: 4 star free print templates

Pros: Art community site Deviant Art
 is an online paradise of unique design from creatives all over the world. Content is mostly free and there are a huge array of free print templates/samples available for download. You can sign up for an account but it is not needed in order to download content.

Cons: There is a site search function and a category list but you may still have to do a little digging as content is not always labelled correctly or may not appear in the right directory due to it being poorly named or translated.


Rating: 4 star free print templates

Pros: This one is different to the rest. If only for the fact that it is also a free graphic design editor, great for anyone who can't afford or just doesn't need the the likes of Photoshop. The website interface allows you to use the templates, fonts and images provided to create your document and then download it for print or share/use it online. It provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts. You can also upload your own images/graphics for use.

Cons: You do need to create an account first. Lots of the best images and designs in their library must be paid for individually or else are only available to premium members.


Rating: 5 star free print templates

Pros: My personal favourite for so many reasons.There is a huge variety of print templates of all styles as well as great free images and graphics that can be then used when editing or customizing those free print templates. There is a very good site search function so it is easy to find what you need. You can sign up for an account but it is not mandatory to access templates. With new content added daily this website is a definitely worth bookmarking.

Cons: They do advertise premium files and templates from other sites but it is not intrusive and it's always clear what is free and what is not.

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