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Find the best free web and print icon sets here

Icons are becoming more and more popular in design both online and in print as designers try to get across their message in the quickest and simplest way. The age of the icon is definitely at an all time high in design so you need to find the best free design icons for your projects - lucky for you we have already done that for you!

So here are the top 10 websites to get quality free free icons...

Font Awesome

Rating: 3 star free icons

Pros: For web use only, font awesome is an set of 675 icons bundled into a font. Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons in your website that can then be customized by size, color, drop shadow, and anything else that can be done with the power of CSS.

Cons: Only useful for websites and apps so no good for your print projects.

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The Noun Project

Rating: 3 star free icons

Pros: Over a million curated glyph icons, created by a global community of different artists. Some icons are free and some for a fee. New icons are added daily by the creator community. Available in PNG and SVG formats.

Cons: You need to sign up to download. Icons are all of a particular style so if you don't like/want/need that style of icon then you'll have to look elsewhere. Colour versions of icons require a premium account.

Flat Icons

Rating: 3 star free icons

Pros: is a free flat icon maker. You can create your own royalty free flat icons for your web-projects within seconds! Just choose an icon shape out of 2,500+ available and customize it to your needs to download the free flat icon in PNG format. No sign up required for download.

Cons: Relatively small selection of icons compared to other sites. All of a similar style, despite ability to change colours and frames of the icon.

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Evil Icons

Rating: 3 star free icons

Pros: Similar to Font awesome, evil icons is a simple and clean icon pack with the code to support Rails, Node.js, Grunt and more. However, the icons are also available to download in SVG, AI and Sketch for designers. Evil Icons are completely free with no attribution required. NO sign up required for use.

Cons: Limited selection of icons compared to other websites. All icons of a similar style so if you don't like or need this style of icon then it's no good at all.

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Material Icons

Rating: 3 star free icons

Pros: Material icons are beautifully crafted, delightful, and easy to use in your web, Android, and iOS projects. Similar to evil icons as you can use them as Icon Font in your code or download in SVG or PNG.

Cons: You can only choose from grey or white color when downloading. All icons are of the same style. Limited selection (less than a thousand).

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Endless Icons

Rating: 3 star free icons

Pros: Endless Icons Free Icon Library with icons available for download in SVG and PNG formats. All icons are fully free, no premium options. Icon sets are available. No sign-up required for download. Easy to navigate website with minimal ads.

Cons: Small selection. Icons are zipped for download so you get all formats and sizes even if you only want one.


Rating: 4 star free icons

Pros: Freepik is not a dedicated icon website but rather a (huge) general library of graphics in a variety of formats. However with almost 40,000 icons available for free download it's definitely worth a visit. NO sign up required for download. Great site search make finding the right icons easy.

Cons: Not a dedicated icon website. Some on site ads. Some icons are for premium users only.

Icon Monstr

Rating: 4 star free icons

Pros: 4046 free simple glyph icons in 273 collections from a German artist. Free to use without attribution and free to modify. Available in EPS, SVG, PNG and PSD formats. No sign up required for download.

Cons: Icons are all of a particular style (black & white and simple) so if you don't like/want/need that style of icon then you'll have to look elsewhere.

Icons 8

Rating: 4 star free icons

Pros: Access over 62,200 icons (at time of review) in any format, size and colour in 20 seconds. They also offer an offline app for downlaod which stores the full library of apps, updates itself and allows for integration with your image editor of choice. No sign up required for download.

Cons: PNG format is free but SVG, EPS and PDF are premium.

Flat Icon - Editor's Choice

Rating: 5 star free icons

Pros: is a search engine for 650,000+ icons and is the largest database of free icons available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats as well as a selection of sizes. You don't need to sign up to download. You can also build you own icon pack by downloading any selection of icons in a collection of the same size and format with ease.

Cons: Just the usual ads for other sites. While a small selection of icons are only available for premium users.