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Coding Custom Fonts

coding custom web fonts
Learn how to easily put custom fonts on your website

The Issue...

Different computers with different operating systems means different pre-installed fonts. Obvious enough I suppose, but what web designers can often overlook is how this will effect their designs. There is amazingly no single font that is guaranteed to be available on every computer. Yes, really, not one.

So already you can see how problems with incorrect font display can arise. When creating a website you must strongly consider which font you will use as it has a huge impact on the overall style of the website. What I mean is that when someone accesses your website, they are not guaranteed to see the fonts on it as you intended, unless of course you use one of the methods outlined below. As always these methods won't cost you a thing - we are called Free Design Stuff after all.

Free Coding Editors

free programming software
The best free coding editors available from across the internet

If you’re writing code or creating a website, a good text editor will save you time and help you work more efficiently. And talking of saving, it's always great to save money too right? Well by choosing a great free text editor from our chosen list below instead of a premium editor like IntelliJ IDEA or PyCharm you can save money and still get your work done effectively.